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Painful anxiety

I've suffered from anxiety symptoms for as long as I can remember..constant and daily lightheadedness,ringing in my ears and recently started getting these tingling pains in my arms and body as if someone is poking me with a stick..I've been to my doctor recently and he's prescribed me an anti depressant (citrol 20 mg) tablet to counteract the anxiety that I wake up to and feel daily..I've been taking these tablets for the last 6 days,and nothing much has changed,in fact if anything I've been feeling a little worse..its constant at the minute..I try to convince my self that it's anxiety but it's still very hard to accept the physical symptoms..I'm hoping the tablets start duin there job soon..I took them as a last resort because of the struggling anxiety daily..has anybody else taking tablets know how long hopefully that they'll start to work and when the horrible unrestlessness will start to fade

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When starting a new med like this your symptoms can worsen before they get better. It takes a good 4-6 weeks to start to feel the affects of the med. I have gone through this with lexapro in the past and right now with Zoloft. You are not alone just stick it out you can do it!


Thanks..I'm sure I will..as I said it's just frustrating haven't to deal with the same things daily..but thanks for the advice 👍🏻


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