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Been feeling very I'll not myself lately

Hi I'm new to this post...really looking for some adive I've been feeling very ill for a long time more bad days then good ones my symptoms include feeling of tightness in my neck and itcy, tired,nauseous, dizzy,headaches, and body aches, been to the Dr. A couple of times but just keep giving me the run arouds can anybody help me or tell me what u think or experiencing the same thing I am..I mean its really starting to get to me

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Hi Edajj, you ask if any of us are experiencing nausea, dizziness, headaches, body aches, tiredness and muscular tension. Yes we all are, or have before we recovered, they are very common classic symptoms of anxiety disorder. So welcome to the Funny Farm😊 You've seen your doctor a couple of times and they can sense whether something is physical or anxiety. You see when our nervous systems become over sensitised due to stress and worry our nerves can imitate the symptoms of physical illness, it seems real to us but it's not real, they're fake symptoms caused by blips and glitches in our sensitised nervous system.

Although they feel real fake symptoms aren't life threatening, they can't damage your body. The best way to deal with them and recover is to accept the fake symptoms without fear because they thrive on fear. When we stop fearing them we stop re-sensitising our nervous system and it eventually returns to normal and all these strange symptoms disappear. So just accept the symptoms for the time being but don't hesitate to pester your doctor if you want to discuss anxiety or want him or her to confirm clearly that it's anxiety.

Let us know of your progress and spend time reading past posts, they can be an education.


Thank you so much for replying I will keep this in mind and hope I start to feel better soon😊


Edajj, there is a short book which explains the Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety that has helped thousands to recover over the years. It was written by a doctor who herself experienced anxiety disorder and worked out this Acceptance method to cure herself successfully. Then she wrote this book so others could benefit from her method. She is Claire Weekes and her book is called 'Self help with your nerves' in the u.k. andtitled 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the u.s. It's available on Amazon either new or used, the latter are priced just 1 penny/cent plus postage of a few pounds/dollars. You will recognise yourself in its pages and it will immediately bring you understanding and reassurance. I commend it to you.


Thank you so much


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