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Is this health anxiety?

Im a 17 year old girl and am really scared i have Schizophrenia as a couple of years ago at some point I thought people could hear what I was thinking, these phases passed and I didn t really believe at the time and I defiantly don t believe in them now? I also used to think I was going to discover that I had superpowers or something when i was older? these thoughts happened around when I was 13-15 and I do not have them now do you think it could schizophrenia? The reason I am so worried is because I m pretty sure i have health anxiety last week i was sure i had MS :((

But the symptoms of schizophrenia seem to fit me so well because i am constantly dizzy my muscles twitch all the time and i have derealisation 24/7 and also have a hard time concentrating... Please tell me what i have is just health anxiety???

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Sarah4856, people with health anxiety or general anxiety disorder often get 'strange thoughts', it is one of the many symptoms and tricks that over sensitised nervous systems can play on us. If we just accept these strange thoughts and can stop stressing about them they can pass.

I can't say whether you have schizophrenia because I'm not a psychiatrist but as you have not experienced the strange thoughts for some years I would suspect it was anxiety.

Dizziness, muscle spasms, derealisation and trouble concentrating are all very common symptoms of anxiety, I have experienced them all myself in the past. I was surprised to hear that they are the symptoms of schizophrenia, never heard that.

I think you should see your doctor and tell him/her exactly what you have told us and ask the question whether it sounds like schizophrenia, your doctor may then refer you to a specialist.

Do let this forum know how you get on, we are always here to listen and to help. Best wishes.


Thank you so much for your reply it has calmed me down a little bit but the main reason for my worry as these thoughts I had when i was 13-15 i did not have anxiety at the time and they did not worry me i thought the were 'normal' should i still be worried about schizophrenia or perhaps psychosis ?? please reply thank you


Sarah4856, only a psychiatrist could answer that question for sure. All I would say is that having strange thoughts is quite common and as they have ceased for you a long time ago I would not dwell on them, they are history. Don't concentrate onproblems you had years ago, concentrate on the problem you have now, which is to say the symptoms of anxiety described in your post. It would be good if you discussed your feelings fully with your parents or a trusted family member and also your doctor whom I think would provide you with reassurance. That I suggest is the way forward.


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