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Not sure what to do

Hi everyone! I am in my final year of doing my Undergraduate degree & currently I am feeling just awful. I started this year off on a really positive note - I was very well organised, did well on my first few assignments, & was prepping well for the rest. But I fell ill - I had high levels of iron deficiency which was diagnosed few weeks later after some of my deadlines.

I used to stay absolutely fatigued, dizzy, sick, off focus and all... I could not concentrate on my final modules of the 1st semester & I got my lowest grades ever (wish I had asked for an extension - was silly of me not to!). Anyways, I began recovering halfway through 2nd semester & began thinking to myself that I've done awful with some assignments so now I need to work really hard in order to achieve what I want!

But, I just lack motivation! I have been completely off focus that I'm finding it difficult to fit back in - I just dont have the energy to do anything although I want to - I've got my dissertation and all other assignments due next month! I don't know what to do... I am really tired physically, mentally and emotionally.

The worst thing is that I cannot focus at home, I don't like being at home anymore - I just dont want to talk to anyone, I'd rather lock myself in my room or just go to uni all day and everyday. I fear that I will fail, I just can't be bothered with anything. I have got a place for my PGCE from September too really looking forward to that but I just think I'm going to mess up!

There is no way I plan to take a gap year after reaching so far! I don't want to waste a year... I even took an nhs depression/anxiety test online & scored 21 out of 24 for depression.

So, I am thinking of making an appt with my doctor, but I am unsure? Would it be worth it?! I really want to talk about this issue, and maybe a lot of personal issues which have been affecting me lately.

Has anyone ever had this experience and been to the doctor? Could you please be kind enough to share a bit of your experience with me... & give me any advice/guidance.

Thank you

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I suffered from depression in my second year of a 3 year course at college & lost weight to such a degree that I was assumed to be anorexic. Like you, I became exhausted, unmotivated & barely able to continue with either studies or social life. My boyfriend at the time insisted I seek professional help & the outcome couldn't have been better. I was prescribed medication that almost immediately gave me an appetite both for food & for life & my college life finished on a happy & anxiety free note. Sadly the relationship didn't survive though! Good luck & get to that doctor!


Thank for the response! I am going to consult my doctor in 2 weeks time as for now I want to pull myself together and be a bit organised before I take such a step! Thank you once again x


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