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So scared

I have awful health anxiety. I have been having pains between spine and shoulderblade. Immediately thought I had cancer in bones despite chest ct 4 months before. Dr said it would have showed something but it was 4 months aho. Did have this pain mildly then and in the past but this time its worse. I torture myself I started getting twinges lower in ribs poked and constantly prodded and now ribs hurt. So I think it is cancer despite what I did. Why can I not see what I am doing. I should say 4 years ago I had early stage 1 breast cancer and so far all well. Eveey twing that does not go I think it is back so I have so many tests. Consultant said burstitis but the pain is aching even on resting and also stabs. Has anyone had burstitis under shoulderblade. It does feel muscular but then I worry over the lower ribs hurting.

I know I sound mad but I am so anxious. Any advice appreciated

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You seem to be really concerned so I would recommend going to a different consultant for a second opinion. He/She will be able to clarify the situation and provide you with peace of mind.

It is perfectly normal for former cancer patients to have trauma related anxiety, it is an extremely destructive disease, however if you believe the anxiety is becoming obstructive you may consider reaching out to a therapist.

Hope this is of any help,



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