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a quick update

ive had to increase my does of paroxetine as the withdrawal was too bad - I'm now back at 15 - but still down from 40 which is positive

i know ive got to come slowly off it but its literally the drug from hell - my sleep is ridiculous and is having no effect on my anxiety at all

have others been in a similar situation? i just want to feel more relaxed again and get my sleep back to normal

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hi andrewtxland, unfortunately there is no easy way around weaning off any drug. Slow of course is the way to go but you will still have to go through hell before getting to heaven. I weaned slowly off years of benzos, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Looking back, I would do it again to be where I am today. The end results are so worth the emotional pain I went through. Sleep will eventually get better as well as your anxiety. As the dose is lowered our brains are fighting us all the way, wanting an increase. It is always best to go slower, longer then to revert to upping the dose. Your doctor should be able to help you withdraw safely so that the effects of withdrawal aren't as devastating. Support is very important to have around you during this time. I wish you well Andrew, we are here if you need us.


I am in week 5 of going from 15mg to 10mg of lexapro and have had almost every withdrawal symptom out there! It is finally calming down but it has been rough. I have been on lexapro for 15 years on and off and at times it's been a life savor but recently it's just not working for me anymore so I have started the weaning process. I will stay at 10 mg until I feel completely stable then decrease to 7.5mg. I hear the last 10 mg are the hardest to withdraw from. At one time I was up to 30mg. So hang in there we can do it!!!! I would love to hear from anybody else thats going thru this as well!

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Cares179, I may have gotten off benzos but one day soon, Lexapro will be my last drug to wean off. Same dosage 15mg for the last 6 years. I wish you well in your continuing to wean off the med. I would be interested in how long it takes you as well as how you do after coming off, just because I will be doing the same thing one day. Good for you in starting this process, may 2017 be a new start for you in feeling better each day.

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