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Hi everyone hope you had a good Xmas just wanted a bit of advice wasn't sure wot site to put it on! But I had an mri scan on my head it took two weeks to come back and the doctor found 2 abnormalities in which his referred me to the ambulatory care unit which is tomorrow it's getting me a bit worried just wondered if anyone had been through the same thing thanxs

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Well if it's ambulatory care, it doesn't sound like there is a cancer worry. Usually it would be for things that can be diagnosed and treated without the need for admission.

Are there any more clues from what you were told?


Hi thanks for replying had my appointment today ive had 2 mini strokes


Ok the so they'll be looking at doing an doppler of your carotids to see if surgery is indicated. Also to decide about your anti thrombosis treatment and consider the mri


Yea i have to have another mri on my throat they've also put me on blood thinning tabs and colestral tabs it's all been very scary


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