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I am freaking out right now. It is 6:30 am right now and I haven't slept for a single minute. I was up all night. I had a coffee at about 9pm, so the caffeine could have had an effect. I also slept in until about 1pm the day before, which would explain why I wasn't tired. But I'm really nervous. I was on my phone scrolling through social media when I realized how late it was, but I wasn't tired. Then, in the middle of the night I got the stronge urge to journal. I wrote 9 PAGES, I couldn't stop. I just felt like I had so much in my mind because I've been really stressed lately. Exams just finished and I'm on Christmas break now. While journaling, I got a pain in my lower right side along with nausea, so I feared it was appendicitis. This kept me up for a little while longer. Then I looked at the clock and it was about 5:30 am. I was wide awake and still am, even though I haven't slept. I used to have a fear of "going crazy" that I constantly obsessed over. It was an anxiety thing and eventually passed. Now that I didn't sleep last night, I'm scared its mania or something and now my fear is back. I'm panicking and freaking out. I feel like crying. It can't be that, it's my worst fear. In need of reassurance.

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It used to be different before. Now, when I have my Venti coffee in the morning, I cannot fall asleep until 1am. Having coffee at 9 pm is like pouring high octane gasoline on fire. Second, if you sleep until 1pm you mess up your sleep pattern. In short, you have the answers and yet you continue to sabotage your body. You punish yourself. Get to the root cause of what may be causing that. Do you have clear life direction? Do you have clear goals aside the grand illusions that we are being fed on daily basis? Only you know that and only you can make a positive change in your life. So drop coffee altogether for a start and see if you feel the slightest change.


Hi, first, do not have any type of caffeine at least a few hours before bed. It will help. But yes anxiety sure can cause insomnia. I went through a few months of it. It finally subsided, thank God. Be well. 😊🎄


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