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hi there

so had my monthly check up today - ive been told to increase my Paroxetine back up to 15mg as ive had really bad anxiety last few days which the doctor believes is withdrawel - i was on 40mg and over last 6 weeks ive been reducing - I'm just becoming fed up feeling like i do, it always seems to hit me around this time and all night which comes onto my next advice help as I'm not sleeping very well - i somewhat struggle to shut off at night but the main issue is I'm waking up so many times during the night and wake up feeling so rubbish and unrefreshed - its really starting to effect my motivation and energy the next day and I'm not sure what i can to bring back the sleep or at least stop waking up - ive tried sleeping pills which didn't really help and i fully believe its to do with the medication

thank you


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2 Replies

  • Andrew, I can't comment on your medications but it seems pretty clear that you are experiencing nervous sensitisation, you've become so anxious that you've put a heavy strain on your nervous system that runs throughout your body, rather like putting too much strain on a muscle so it starts to hurt. I also not your difficulty in sleeping and I suspect you're trying too hard to get to sleep and the tension this causes makes refreshing sleep impossible.

    The answer to both your problems, the general anxiety and the sleep difficulties, is the same - you must stop fighting the anxiety and its symptoms and acquire the ability to temporarily Accept your anxiety knowing that it can't kill you or make you lose control. When you Accept the anxiety you break the chain reaction of worry causing anxiety causing more worry causing more anxiety and eventually because you are not adding second fear to first fear you will begin to recover from the state of nervous sensitisation that you have become subject to.

    Of course, Accepting the anxiety and insomnia isn't easy and it's not a fast fix which is what you really want but does not exist. But by utterly Accepting the anxiety and just getting on with your life even though you feel like shit you begin to rob it of its ability to unsettle you, your anxiety producing hormones like cortisol and adreniline will return to normal levels and the dark cloud that has descended on you will begin to lift.

    There is a batural tranquillising technique you may find helpful if you're not aware of it that releases peace-bringing chemicals: breathe in slowly for 4 seconds, hold it, then breathe out slowly for 6 seconds,then pause, then repeat.

    You will find Acceptance a true ally in your fight to recover your well being but it does take perseverence. In the fullness of time all troubles pass and so will yours.

  • Hey.... how you doin? Thoughts will keep you up... maybe your worried about stuff that is unimportant.... I used to think about all sorts of shit... my brain would be consumed by what ids.... ever since I was 13... slept on the sofa for many years cause I liked the big tv... well that's what I told my parents even though I had my own room.... I couldn't stand being alone with my thoughts! I'm 38 now.... still think about lots of shit... but I've learnt to let it go... nothing I'm not in control of will ever change. On the occasion night I cannot sleep I would take a Piroton (antihistamine) I've no allergies but it helps.... makes my drowsy and I fall off and wake up fresh the following day. Don't forget to breath.... we panic when are oxygen is low in the body.... be aware of your breathing.... maybe try some breathing exercises.... exercise in general helps as it forces you to breath... in turn oxygenating yourself... kinda No 1 in my book 😊😊 happy friday

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