Mild hallucinations (ghosts?) and Delusions (stalked by a leprechaun). Is this anxiety?

When I was much younger I had worse delusions and hallucinations (I recall seeing a man who wasn't there...unless that was a ghost....) as well as insomnia and sleep walking. No thanks to my friends or family but thanks to myself, I managed to get over my anxiety quite a bit and the insomnia and sleepwalking etc went away but now I'm getting worse again and its coming back. Often in bed I hear a mans voice saying something I cant make out or just randomly I hear a little girls voice saying my name. And my delusions, I know are delusions but still sort of act like and believe that they are possible even though I know they are crazy (its strange), are totally nuts. All last week I sort of thought I was being staked by a leprechaun (hahaha, not joking I actually half believed I was being stalked by a ******* leprechaun).

Is this a symptom of anxiety or not?


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  • LittleGirlLost, this is not anxiety but a more serious form of mental illness. You do need to call a psychiatrist who can help you. I wish you well. Please let us know if you get some professional help. Take care. Stay Safe.

  • Thank you for the help, I will get about reaching out to a doctor as soon as I can.

  • severe anxiety has in the past made me feel/see things that aren't there. when I've been in bed at night my mind has played tricks on me before. but only really during very stressful high anxiety times. I agree with agora1 though I would definitely try and get some help 😊

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