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I've seen the way out of anxiety...... Read

The way out is to stop worrying. Or simply put, to not give a shit about your negative thoughts. I hate anxiety but "fighting, battling, struggle" are the wrong words to use. You shouldn't fight it. I woke up to my heart pounding and I laid there and said you know what? Fuck it. Guess what happened? It stopped after a few mins. This weekend I should have practiced this going to Tennessee Or when my heart was jumping around.

When we fight it, we actually reinforce the fear and give it credibility, now we actually should be embracing it and saying yea I got this horrible feeling but it can't hurt me. Over time each symptom subsides and the most amazing thing happens, anxiety leaves. I lost the anxiety before, during the summer but it came back in september, now I know why....... I was repeating negative words of what if what if what if, this caused the anxiety to come creeping back and it's hard to see in the moment when you're going thru it but instead of saying what if you need to say, it's ok......... More in this later, gotta head to school but I want you all thinking about this.

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I really want to think like that but like you said, it hard when your going thru it. But you are right. It's like I've been fighting it thus long and nothing has changed so why not try a different approach.


Good point. 🤔


Ignoring is exhausting, denial is non productive. Anxiety needs the medical research it deserves similar to other diseases .


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