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I'm new here

Hi my name is Disneygirl42, and I'm new here. I chose this name as I'm a huge Disney fan and I'm going to be there in less then Two weeks with my family, I first got diagnosed with having anxiety after my dad passed away😪 In January 2015, it hit me hard and ever since I've been having anxiety attacks, although I didn't know that's what I was having when I got the pains or how to handle them, I still don't & because of worrying so much it has caused me to develop mild gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach) that was back in March and I think it's healed but since May I've been experiencing lots of heartburn and acid reflux, some people say that stress and anxiety can cause it, does anyone else get these symptoms? If so what have or are doing to help it? I have been going to a chiropractor since May as I've heard it can help, I've seen some improvement but I now know not to miss a session, I'm also looking into going to see a naturopath doctor again and to get acupuncture. Sorry if I'm rambling

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Hello there!I just had a bunch of testing done last week because of my stomach and my stomach has inflammation and acid and I was told my anxiety could cause it. I have severe anxiety. I wake up and I am a wreck all day. I look forward to going to bed. I get chest pains. Back pains and throat pains. And it is very scary because I think the worst. I was told that its my anxiety causing it all


If you want you can message me! I am always open to talk


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