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Does anyone ever experience this

Do you ever experience a feeling like there's a "buzz" going through your body? What is that? Is it something that happens AFTER an anxiety attack to you.

Also my head feels buzzy - if that makes any sense.

Took a half a xanax just now hoping that makes it go away... not sure what iti s or why.. is it residual anxiety - is it underlying anxiety.. wth

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I feel buzzy often.... still trying to get an answer.


Questions for you. ..Is this the first time this has happened? Are you on any other meds consistently or tapering off anything? How often are you taking xanax?


its probably nervous energy. there is a name for it but i forget what its called. what you need to do is try and do a bit of exercise to get rid of it. have you heard the expression "wound up like a spring" well i think its a bit like that. and diazepam and xanax will probably calm the system down, its caused by anxiety.


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