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Should I see a shrink?

Hi.. so coming off my postpartum like anxiety - and my son going away - this is not winding down as quickly as I would like.

I have been better the last few days. I'm sleeping better - and I haven't had to take a Xanax in a few days.

BUT.. I'm still bothered by "thoughts" that are seemingly.. well ridiculous to feel "anxious" about that creep up on me.

And I mean.. really really stupid..

For example. It's been getting nice and cool at night and so we have all the windows open. Last night, however, it got really really cool. .. almost cold. Down in the low 50's. The cold made me feel.. well anxious. Why? I can simply pile on a blanket so why was the thought of the weather changing making me feel anxious.

This led to thoughts of winter - to which I've survived 41 of them (LOL) .... and hte thought of windows closed - and the fireplace (which makes my house hot) - the thought of that dry heat made me feel..well anxious.

It seems that any physical "discomfort" makes me feel anxious. I haven't been eating very well (my anxiety has played out in my stomach mostly) and sometimes the thought of eating things I normally love.. like Ice cream - make me anxious. Then I think - what if I never want to have ice cream again? I mean.. really? THAT is going to make me anxious.

WTH is going on with me?

I think it's a control thing. I think things like the temp outside, the weather.. things like that I feel I can't control or can't change make me anxious. But that is just absurd.

Is this just because my son is still not home (only 2 days left) and so because THAT is so stressing me - that everything is? Is this temporary becuase of that or do I need to go see a shrink? I don't really need medication neccesarily because, for the most part - I have been able to "control" it - but it's just so uncomfortable and takes effort to do so when it creeps up.

I'm hoping when my son gets home my world can return to its normal self - where silly things don't freak me out...

Has anyone experienced the same type of panic or anxiety about these kind of things?

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Yep...I have...A LOT. I have 6 kids, 2 of which are off in college already, and my thoughts tend to get wacky and make me anxious, too. It's, in my opinion, one of the worst symptoms of anxiety because it isn't easy to shut them off. And the racing thoughts are never happy or positive. But, yes, I do deal with the environmental discomfort type anxiety, too. I can't handle extreme or out of the ordinary temperatures because it causes me to panic. I've talked to quite a few people with the same issue....believe me, you're not alone. You'll be fine, we always are 😁 Just try to immerse yourself into a hobby you enjoy, read a book, or bake something. Be excited and look forward to seeing your son ❤ And, by the way, it is a control thing. I am actually reading a book about that at the moment. It's very interesting and it is helping me in terms of opening my eyes and understanding why I'm the way I am. If you need anyone to talk to, you can PM me...or email me: 😁


Thanks! It helps knowing I'm not the only person. What is the name of the book? I'd love to read it.


It's called "Codependent No More" by: Melody Beattie....and it's not all about families of alcoholics, although that's thrown in there...of course, but, it has to do with how we tend to see things and the people around us....and how we react to everything and why. It's really good.


I will say anxiety did my appetite something major. Because of the fact when I feel anxious or nervous I have no appetite. Also every little think makes me nervous. But if I feel really cold I do tend to get like the nervous effects and I get super shaky.


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