Stressing out Badly

Ughhhhhh WHY IS MY LIFE SUCH A WRECK???!!!! I hate it so much at this point. Ive been having sharp shoulder blade pains on and off like every other day then i feel like iam Short of breathe all the time. I keep thinking iam going to Die from Heart failure and Its just So stressful i want to cry!

I stopped working out and since ive been so depressed ive gained 15lbs so now iam so overweight. I dont want to workout i want to be in bed and just Slowly Fade away into

My happy Place.( i know sounds very depressing) i got alot going on. Idk what to Do anymore. I no longer have my health insurance so i cant get no more Xanax. I cant see my Dr. To follow up on my Cholesterol and Blood Sugar :( iam such a M M E S S !!!! Help anyone Please 😞😭😭😭


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  • I'm so sorry for what you're going through, having anxiety and depression is terrible.

    Things that I've learned help with depression:

    1.Don't isolate yourself. I know it's hard not to, cause all you want to do is hide away until you disappear, but surrounding yourself with positive people really helps. Get out there. Don't spend too much time alone with your thoughts. And try not to be alone when the sun is going down. You'll feel extra lonely and that will make it worse.

    2. Exercising helps. That might be why you've felt more depressed lately, cause you stopped exercising. I know it's hard to find the will to move around even get out of bed most days, but that seemed to work for you so I'd try to start that up again. See if it helps.

    3. Professional help. You mentioned not having health insurance anymore, but there are certain counselors who will work with your budget.

    I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I think seeing a counselor will really help with the depression and anxiety. With the other health issues, you might need to save up some money to get those worked out or talk to your doctor, they care and will help you. Good luck.

  • Well I know anxiety causes muscles to tense up and them being tense for so long and not even noticin because we're so worried about the accelerated heartbeat and loss of sensation that those muscles start to hurt and then when they hurt we notice them, and as for work out honestly just walk listen to some good calming music or an audio book make a smoothie from some frozen fruit and a Lil milk it's cheap but very effective and just walk and meditate, try and keep negative things out of your life just until you feel better and by the time you know it you won't even need or want them anymore.

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