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mental health unit

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience of being in a mental health unit or had a relative that had to be admitted? My mums anxiety, OCD and psychosis has got to the point where she could not cope any longer and as a family we were not coping anymore. My own anxiety and mental health issues increased dramatically and I was not coping at all and just making the situation worse. My mum has now been in the mental health unit for 2 weeks. Is anyone in a similar position?

Best Wishes

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Hello Dawn, I have a friend who was in one, it was a while ago now. I don't believe she would be here now if she hadn't gone in from what she told me. She had some terrible issues to have to deal with. How are you? Have you and your family got any support?x



Ive been having different therapy treatments now for about a year but as regards to support re my mum and how it affects us just mums community mental health nurse who is my port of call. The doctors at the unit are very understanding and will arrange meeting to speak with us.

thank youx


Do you feel like the treatments are helping you? It sounds like they are being as supportive to you as they can be. It's so hard living with someone with mental health issues, especially when it's your mum and you love her. I know it affects everyone in the house. You want to make them better but in reality you can' have to let the people looking after her do what they feel is best for her. You have to look after you because you have to be ok before you can support anyone else. I hope you can see some improvement in your mum soon and that you and your family come through it ok. If ever you want to talk I will always listen xx


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