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QUICK ANYONE, My hypochondria is taking over :( PLEASE

Ok I know I'm obsessed with the disease cancer, I guess it's typical for a hypochondriac I don't know.. But the thought of having cancer won't leave my head!!

A week ago I thought hair dye would cause cancer and kill me,

and now I think being on your phone, talking, phone to ear, is what will kill me.

I'm on my phone, talking everyday for hours, and I get this uncomfortable feeling in my head on the side my phone is, headache ish, only on a certain spot, and when I switch side it follows and if I take my phone off my ear it feels better.

I'm just really scared

Does anyone know if phone can cause brain tumors???

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Hi Zayde, I'm not sure if you want to hear what I say but it's meant with the best intentions!!! I believe cancer is a lottery!! We can all get it but some do and some don't!! You can sit there all day thinking you might get it or have it and it never happens!! When that thought comes into your head don't let it take control of you. Distract yourself by doing something you enjoy, excercise, listen to music that makes you happy, fresh air!! Go for a walk. You are stronger than your thoughts you just need to realise it!! Try spending your time doing something positive even if it's only something small. Having those negative thoughts isn't good for your health. You can do it, it just takes a bit of practice.negativity is a waste of precious time and effort. Good luck, enjoy planning some good positive stuff to do🙏🏻


If you worry about what might happen you won't have enough time to do what you wanted just forget about it trust me maybe

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