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Many many moons ago during my first breakdown I discovered a fabulous self help group close to where I live which you went along once a week, spoke to fellow suffers of all related mental health illness's, had an educational different topic about mental illness which was fab and gave me a lot of understanding and quick acceptance of what was going on in my body, did a few gentle exercises etc, it was a godsend to me and others, but then due to change in group laws etc sadly it had to close. I'm just wondering if this would've of been something that people today would use or if you already go along to something like this and does it help you?


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  • If there was a group near me I'd definitely attend. Weirdly when I'm with people who suffer from a similar illness, but are worse than me, I tend to gain strength and I want to help them. I think I'm a natural giver x

  • Strangely enough that's exactly what happened to me, as I naturally want people to feel well and good about themselves so even on the days when I had every symptom going and could barely heave myself out of the door, I would go along and be the one listening more and giving more back to others. A group as soon as you walked in you felt at total ease with who you were, no explanation necessary for how you were feeling, bliss!

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