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This feeling started just last week of april 2016. It was a normal day,my husband and I went to church.The mass was about to end when I suddenly feel lightness or heavyness of my head. It felt like as if I was about to faint.I just drank water and breathed in and out slowly.Good thing it disappeared when we got home.However,since that day, I seemed to be conscious of what I am feeling. I seemed to become sensitive to warm weather and crowded space.Then May 9 came,it was national election day and we were in-charge of the casting and counting of votes (part of our role as teachers).It was a normal day again when I felt like my eyes were tired and strained from looking at the voters list and signing the ballot.I suddenly felt dizzy and lightheaded again.I got nervous and i felt my arms and feet started to get cold,stiff and there was a tingling sensation.The stiffness and coldness felt like it was creeping from my feet,to my stomach,up to my face.I was rushed to the hospital and found out I had a low potassium level. THe doctor allowed me to go home after I felt okay and gave me K-lyte to drink for a week. After the follow up for my potassium,it was back to normal level but the lightheadedness and the feeling of fainting do not disappear until now. I had laboratory tests,had an optha-ENT check,and everything had normal results. The school year has started yet I was not able to come to school because I constantly feel like I am going faint,like my head's light or sometimes heavy. My eyes seem strained whenever I look at wide spaces and if I'm busy doing different tasks. I also noticed that I become sensitive with too dim or too bright light.I cant even look at the television and cellphone like I used to. There were good days and bad days. I also feel lightheaded whenever I'm in the mall or open space. When the weather's hot,I also feel dizzy.I havent been anywhere after that incident last May 9 because it seems like I become nervous everytime i'll go out of the house especially if its a little bit far from home and requires me to ride a jeepney or cab.Being caught in the traffic jam also gives me dizzyness as well as if the cab's running a little bit fast.

Im comfused already.The doctor said im healthy but I know my body and i know its not okay..right now im taking vit.b complex and anti-vertigo which were prescribed by my doctor though i think its not vertigo.Can anyone help me?I need to be back to normal,i need to go back to school and teach,i need to be strong again for my daughter.

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Sounds like can really have some bad symptoms.especially the dizziness and lightheadedness.i am the same way and my eyes do that all the time,its scarey.and tingling is one of them too.your okay hun.i know its hard but its just something we have to get used to.its easier said than done.but we will eventually get better.i wish you the best of luck and hope this helps you.


Thanks for the reply!will it get better?I haven't been working for a week now.I'm teacher by the way,so I really really need to be better since the classes have just started..since when did you feel that way?what causes this anxiety?i have not been into any accident before that would trigger anxiety.


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