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Hi, I'm new here ... learning / trying to cope with anxiety

Hi! I'm new today having been googling to see what else I can do to try and manage my anxiety. I've been off work for a few months now. I have pinpointed my stress and anxiety to a work related issue but it feels to have taken me over. Some days I'm OK but I feel like I manage 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I'm quite fatigued and find it hard to get up / get going. I'm finding it hard to concentrate and frequently forget my words. When it's bad my chest is so tight it's hard to breath.

I've been having some talking therapy, which is OK, and am taking 40mg citalopram with 2mg diazepam for the times I'm really not managing. I did download the headspace app but didn't get along with it very well.

I think I should be doing more but I don't know what. All ideas, suggestions gratefully received.

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Hi Blue! Have you tried deep breathing techniques or journaling or anything like that?


Hi Teemarie

I'm trying to remember to breath properly and that definitely helps. I think I should do more.

What's journaling please? I've not heard of that.

Thanks for responding :-)

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journaling is just writing or typing how you feel or what your thinking. maybe you can find a pattern within that! breathing helps me at times and reminding myself its just the anxiety! and you dont have to thank me!! :)

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