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Guy came took guitar

He gave me some money back and left me with another guitar which sounds awful so he's going to see if the Columbus can be fixed I hope so because it sounded so sweet compared to these China ones they palm off as guitars. Why do we buy anything from China their quality is absolutely rubbish. Most of the replication stuff also comes from China now Britain is going to buy theirsteel which Iis taking thousands of jobs in Britain thanks to the Tories.

So fed up and cant drink fluids AGAIN.

Cant even take a diazepam dahhh.

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Good news about some money... but not so good you aren't too great. I agree with you totally about China x


Shops where I live opening on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. Monies getting tight. I think sad to see desperate traders fishing for business.


Hi Dodo, I'm glad you got some money back on the guitar but did he leave the awful sounding one until he can fix your original guitar? Gee, just last summer, I put out an extra guitar that I had. I put it by the front tree. Within minutes a young boy and his mom were coming home from school, rang my bell and asked how much it was. When I told him it was free, he squealed with delight. I wish I had another one to give you. I am a stickler about the strings being close to the neck of the guitar, makes it easier to play. You must be very frustrated with the whole thing. I hope it gets resolved. I'm sure that why you are having physical problems with drinking fluids again. Our bodies respond so strongly to any stresses. That's bad that you can't even take a diazepam. Can that pill be put under the tongue? I'm not sure. Hope things get better for you today. Take care.


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