heart failure

since march 1st i've been having chest pain, muscle spams ( all over my body), headaches, dizziness and been tired alot, also loss of appetite. im a 17 year old male will be 18 in 30 days this shouldnt be happening to me at all. realizing i have alot of symptoms for heart failure i am scared to death. i've suffered from anxiety. adhd, depression, and ptsd. everyday since this has been happening im scared im going to die. as i type this my calf muscle started to twitch. deep down inside i know im going to die. been to er 4 times just got back from the hospital earlier today, they do absolutley nothing at all. cant find a thing. but why am i in pain? why do i think im going to die? they've down almost every test possible, chest x rays, ct scans, took blood, ekgs, took urine, nothing at all. could my heart be failing still? am i going to die? i go for a ecocardiogram next week. im praying everything comes back good. does anyone have similar symptoms? could it be my anxiety? please help me


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  • Hi Tyler, I'm sorry you are experiencing so much physical and emotional pain worrying about being in heart failure. It certainly sounds like the ER has done it's job in doing every test possible. I think the time has come for you to now put your energy into addressing your anxiety. Has anyone recommended therapy and/or medication? You somehow need to break this cycle of doubt and fear about your heart. I'm hoping once you have your echocardiogram next week, the doctor may be able to recommend the next step you take. We will be here to support you. Take care.

  • You mentioned you have been traumatized (PTSD) and all your symptoms might be your somatic reaction to whatever event you went through. Mindful meditation and cognitive therapy can help that if it isn't something else triggering your symptoms.

  • Tyler, I understand what you are going through. I am certain that your heart is in optimum conditions. Believe me, if you heart is failing, doctors would have known just performing the blood tests. I agree with Agora, it is time to address your anxiety and mental health. The reason we are in this forum is because we all deal with one form of anxiety or depression and we want to find reassurance in these weird symptoms. Anxiety perhaps cannot be cured, but it could be controlled. I have it on and off. I have taught myself to live with it. You need to learn all of the anxiety symptoms first to identify a panic attack or a crisis. We will be here for you and I am believing for you to overcome the struggles of this battle.

    Take care!

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