Struggling to breathe

I know this is a common thing a lot of share on here... But I'm really struggling today. Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for my breath like I'd just been winded and today my chest feels really tight across the bottom (under my boobs) and I feel so lightheaded. I've been doing really well and this has set me back big time. To make things worse I'm actually in the Spain and scared to fly home later as I'm convinced there is a blood clot in my body causing this.


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  • The shooting up in sleep gasping is a very common symptom of anxiety. It's very frightening to experience the tight band is over breathing and the adrenaline going through your body. Xxx

  • I'm going through the same thing 3 days I've felt I carnt breath and not getting enough oxygen now I've convinced my self I've got a blood clot on the lung :(

  • I'm glad people have experienced this too and I'm not alone, it was honestly so scary :(

    I too worry about a blood clot in the lung! :( I recently had a d diner blood test to be checked and it came back normal but when I googled this blood test it isn't 100% garntee which worries me more

  • Jlou please try and think positive X u know how your feeling because I've experienced the same symptoms and being abroad makes things even worse X your anxiety is going into over drive and making thing worse how your feeling X please try to calm yourself down it does help to stop all these things that are gong in in your body X don't let your brain rule your body X you be in control of what you want your brain to do It does work as this is what I have been doing for the last week and I'm feelin less anxious about thing X just keep saying to yourself I won't let this bugger control me X you can do this X good luck j lou X


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