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What is nervous breakdown?

I don't sleep very well due to anxiety depression and restless leg syndrome. I didnt have any sleep last night and went to work to help my wife with a delivery, as usual the anxiety built and built until i had to go home. I promised my son I would machine his little mini his pride and joy, I have a buffer and he's a great kid at 19. I found myself having that feeling that everyone is watching you and something terrible is about to happen, but this time my legs completely gave way and I couldn't get up, I just began to cry and sob uncontrollably, I crawled into my door door on all fours and sat there crying in my hallway. I don't even know if anyone saw me, my mind went completely blank. I have gone upstairs where I spend most of my time in bed and took a couple of diazipan. My anxiety has been getting worse but not to this extent where I completely collapsed and didnt care about my surroundings. I'm a 44 yr old ex serviceman for gods sake! I've been off work for 3 months, seen gp, crisis team twice, psychologist, psychiatric lead nurse and now they are arranging for me to see a psychiatrist, when who knows, I'm about to lose my job, which is the least of my concern. I have told the crisis team i hear crowds of people all the time, not one person but like a group of people talking about me, I honestly believe I'm going crazy, I was an intelligent teacher who now is a train wreck, I cannot go on the way i am, I just can't

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Hey I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through, I pray things will get better and I hope you find peace and get back out there to enjoying your life, it will get better and just hope on it and think positive 


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