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Just hit me after I had a crazy day at Starbucks during Christmas eve and chirstmas day worked my butt off but hydrated as well I thought it was my glasses so I took them off and went to bed woke up extremely dizzy when I was going to the restroom didn't fall or lose balance just feels weird in the eyes I had an ablation almost a month ago I am still drinking water I ate dinner late but I did eat my stomach still feels hungry but doesn't feel like it's lack of food but water even thought I drank 3 bottles once I got home I do not understand why I would be dehydrated so fast if this is the case.. other than the working hard and working up a sweat in this odd 75 degree Christmas weather.. in NY I am a super healthy 21 year old but with health anxiety I make things that seem so simple a billion times worse and then it gets my mind racing and I have trouble sleeping sometimes so these are just some things I think it is minus looking up symptoms on Google and getting totally freaked UT due to someone feeling same way but claiming they have a actual condition and if I see that and can relate the slightest I tweak out with anxiety.. so I stay clear from Google now days.. I'm a super health nut so I focus on GMO, mercury in sea food, pure water rather than acidic due to benefits this all could be adding to my health anxiety learning what causes what illness these days

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I hope your dizziness has passed now and you are enjoying your Christmas if you keep been concerned I would speak to my Doctor

Take Care x

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