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More anxiety when off college?

I'm posting this in anxiety because I don't really know where to post this and also it does create anxiety.

So, anxiety causes me to just stay in bed sometimes, when I have things like college to attend I'm alright anxiety isn't that bad because I'm busy but whenever the holidays roll around I feel like crap. I don't want to get up so I don't and then after a while when I do finally do something I feel awful I'm guessing because I've gone from doing nothing to doing something and my body isn't used to it. Anyway what I wanted to ask was why do I feel so awful during the holidays? I just want your opinions on it. Holidays are meant to be a fun time, time to not think about college but I just want to go back to college you know?

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Also would you say I feel weak and awful because I'm doing nothing and then I do something?


What symptoms do you feel? I just graduated high school and I'm ready to get on with me life but this summer feels like forever. I've felt terrible. Headaches, burning sensation, vision is even a little off so I know how you feel.


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