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Stomach Cramps?

So I've had anxiety for about a year, after four years of behaving apprehensively. One symptom though has really bothered me and that's pelvic cramps. I'm like freaking over it being an ovarian cyst and that it'll get bigger and I'll have to go to the ER but I'm 16 so I don't know how likely that even is....

It isn't consistent, like it doesn't get worse at certain points. This only started after I've been sitting for hours and hours with my legs pulled up and my back hunched forward so maybe Its a pressed nerve? It seems to go away when I get up and do something, but after I return to my sitting position, I notice it again. Everything feminine of mine is pretty consistent and nothing like cysts run in the family at all. I do have the tendency though to tighten my stomach all. The. Time. I remember when I finally decided to try and release it, from the chest down I was so sore due to the tightening.

But now I've gotten back into that habit of stomach tightening as in I'm always sucking in. My nutritionalist says Im improving while my mom continues to say it is not a cyst and that it is how I'm sitting. I do notice that my lower back muscles are also very tight. Is it likely due to how im sitting?

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You could be causing posture problems the way you sit.

You actually need to sit in a more beneficial way. There i a good amount of information and you could enfores their findings



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