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I have many problems with different medical issues. I've been diagnosed with all the basics like hayfever, eczema, asthma. And some more strange ones like recurrent labarynthitis and silent acid reflex. Because I've got so much stuff going on medically, I get nervous and worried about next tiny thing being a major disease or something (for lack of a better word) interesting. I've been considering chances of it being hypochondria, but I'm worried about asking because it feels like another thing I've made up. People jokingly mention stuff about being a hypochondriac and being worried About nothing but I don't know what's serious and what's not. If anyone any info or links on it that'd be great.

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You can call it hypochondria, I call it health anxiety. It does sound like that is what you have. The brain mimics certain ailments and they become real to you. The pain is called psychosomatic pain. The pain feels real however anxiety will not kill you. Please always get checked by your doctor though. Th

Hope this helps. Take care.


I have some health anxiety, but I do not have a fear of death.

Oh, the irony.


I have bad health anxiety which I've had off and on all my adult life.

Try and get it checked and stopped before it really takes hold. I wish I'd been able to but there was no help available for me when it started up some 25 years ago.


Personally I would talk about these problems with your GP, if you are a hypochondriac that basically is you are sensitized and believe you have problems that are not there,only your GP would suggest that. Many of your problems are real diagnosis and I am in no position to say what you are. If you are sensitized that can be a problem, Talk to your favourite GP



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