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Hi, I'm new and have anxiety

Hi guys, I'm Sarah and I have stress and anxiety. I have suffered with it got a few months now and previously about 10 years ago. My anxiety seems to be related to work, everytime I think about going to work and what I have to do,my stomach is in knots, constantly on edge, feeling sick, no appitite, very emotional, cry at the drop of a hat, can't concentrate and feel completely out of control. I feel useless, alone, incompetent, and don't have any fair in myself what so ever anymore. I've gone from being a happy, outgoing person to not wanting to do anything and miserable. My husband is being my rock but I find it hard to tell him everything as I don't want to be a burden.

Not sure exactly why I'm posting this but hopefully writing this all down will hep me feel a little better.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Hi, just read your vent there. How're you feeling today?

You said you suffered anxiety before, around ten years ago. Did you get lucky back then that your anxiety just went or did you do something about it? Something that you could do again just now?

I sympathise over your current dread of going to work and whatever else. I remember and know all about it. I used to joke about it just to get through it as best I could but it took me to seek help when it got out of my control.

Maybe just talking to someone, your Doc, will help you get back to your old self.

Seek help and please don't suffer needlessly.

Keep posting. Someone is always there to reply to you, as I've discovered.

Good Luck and try to talk or see about your anxiety. Don't let it get worse.


Thank you for your reply, to be honest all I remember about it last time was taking the meds. So at the moment that's what ine doing, I'm keeping myself busy, and forcing myself to go it, even if I don't need to.

Hope you are well x


Hi, you've got a good attitude and the right idea.

My GAD/Depression is very much in control of my life and I'm struggling, I have to admit. My medication is not all that effective even though I'm on the maximum dosage of Pregabalin & Mirtazapine. But, you've got to give things a go and thankfully I'll be trying a different combination of drugs shortly. To be honest I'd put my name forward to be a lab rat if it helped.


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