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Hello I'm on here for the first time.i have been on citalopram 40 mg for about 3 years and recently they didn't seem to be doing anything for me so doc wants to swap me to a different anti d so for the last 2 weeks shears cut me down to20 mg I was ok for the first week or so and then I started getting agitated had a panic attack and now in the afternoon for the last 4 days I get bloated stomach with discomfort light headed dry mouth feeling all one sided has anyone else suffered like this and do you think my dose has been cut to quick I start y new tablets in the morning and am starting to worry .

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Hi, I used to take that med', but Gp's will say it's effects drop-off at the amount of time you've taken it.


I just wanted to say hi. sorry I have no experience of taking this medication so can't answer your query.



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