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New here and looking for anyone who understands depersonalization or dissoc. episodes not drug induced

I just found this site this morning. I am in what appears to be a "flare up" of depersonalization or some dissoc episode. It's been 3 weeks now. I think it was fueled by uncovering feelings in therapy I felt were too much to bear. Would appreciate any support with anyone who understands. I'm a 46 year old female. Thx

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HI am x Welcome x Sorry I cannot be of help with the depersonalization and such x It can be quite a traumatic time when having therapy as it uncovers a lot of thoughts and feelings we had hidden x I remember when I was in the middle of mine I had a time when I just sat and cried all day and felt like hope was gone x But then it passed and all became clearer x Im sure it will for you to x Maybe mention it to your therapist and it can be talked about and hopefully will help x Sorry I cannot help more xx Donver x


I have it constantly and have had for 20 odd years, dont even notice it now just think it is part of me forget what it would be like to be absolutely relaxed and not have it. It doesnt scare me as I know it is anxiety and once I get all this under control it will pass. My thing is I find it a comfort because I know I am anxious and feel that helps me control events in my life, crazy I know but that is what keeps my anxiety going. I am positive that when you start to relax again this feeling with definitely go but til then it is absolutely nothing to worry about and is just your brain trying to protect you so relax towards it.


Hi Amethyst

Yes I suffer of those things,

When I m under stress or vey anxious.

People always told me to be grounded.meditation,breathing exercises are very helpful for me..have a look at it and let me know ,sometimes I use app on the iPhone so it s always with me


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