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hi all :-)

hi everyone hope ur all ok? I haven't had any anxiety at all for just over a wk. then just had a right adrenlin rush and feeling abit anxious. it is that time of month so that doesn't help. by now ive realised that I always feel that little bit worse wen its the time of month. I just haven't a clue to where its just came from, but anxiety does come when u least expect it to.

over the last wk I haven't thought about it much at all, and ive felt normal. i haven't took my anti des all wk but i did last night and im going to tonight. i have been reading throu everyones blogs even thou i haven't blogged or commented. hope ur all doing ok xxx

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Hi there you,

I'm ok thanks for asking and I'm glad you've had a good week, many more to come xxx


Hi donaf

Wondered where you had got to

Sounds like you have been doing ok :-)

I do think hormones can play a big part with anxiety in women & we get worse as well as my mood :-D

Glad you have been feeling normal , not sure what normal is anymore , I will let you no though as soon as I do





Hi I am new to blogging and this site. Hope you feel better soon,it's good that you had a good week. I find that I spend all day thinking about my anxiety and going around in circles. :(


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