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Wanted to share a few things with people who really understand . I was off work with depression . I had a phased return and felt I had overcome the dark fog ( and then I started to get headaches , and then bang the exhaustion . I have the doctors today , I feel so guilty and to make it worse my boss has just e mailed me asking when I will be back , this has sent me in a toss. , I am full of fear , and have been upset since . Does anyone get these feelings , yesterday I took a step forward and spoke to my big sister and best friend about how I am , up to that point it's like I am putting a face on .

I know in myself I am not well but does anyone else fight with the constant guilt and fear or am I just plain crazy


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You are definitely not alone in those feelings...

I have been there...

Get all the help you can, it's good you have told your big sister too.

The worse part for me was not telling people because somehow I was embarrassed about it, and people don't understand....but to tell someone close is good...

I wish you well.

Sue xxx


I'm going thorough the exact same I've just quit my job over these stupid attacks its so frustrating tbh no matter what anyone says or tells you how to deal with it you'll find your own way like ATM for me I keep saying well you didn't used to feel panicky or depressed so why do it I kind of tell myself off for it it works for me hope you feel better soon xxx


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