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Want to scream!

Argh! I am fully stressed and anxious, I'm getting heart palpitations so my heart feels like it is in a vice being squeezed. My youngest sister is essentially a wildchild, my parents sit back and watch her do basically whatever she wants, while trying to seek sympathy for having such a wayward child. Tonight I feel like I have reached boiling point, my sisters friends predictably are as bad as her, I do all the cooking in my house, a friend turned up expecting tea, I find this so rude but my parents put me in the position where I have to magic up a portion from nowhere. I decided I wouldn't sit at the table and have tea, I've lost all my appetite anyway! But I cant sit through my Dad trying to be funny, mym Mum pandering to everything my sister says. Whats really hacked me off, is my Mum comes and finds me and she puts her head in one side and gives me a patronising lecture about how 'silly' I am. I spend all my days doing things for her, even tutoring my sister for her GCSEs which requires me to spend my days relearning things to teach my sister, who sits there, playing with her phone and hair and saying she isnt going to listen. I know in perspective this is such a small thing, but I hate disruptions to my routine, I had rudeness and I hate things being sprung on me. I had to rant on here in the hope someone will understand or might be able to advise me! Had to try very hard not to tell me mum to f**k off! I am just sitting here seething! Hope everyone is having a more relaxing evening! xxx

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No this doesn't sound very good , it sounds like everyone takes advantage of you , including your parents , who should no better

They sound like they no they can get you to do what they want , yet your sister they cant , so just let her have all her own way

I do remember you blogging before & sorry I should have looked , before I started this reply

Not sure if you are in a position where you could move out ?

Something certainly has to change , you cant go on like this & its not fair , you are not their slave , you are their daughter as well

I suppose you may have tried to speak to them

Have you written down how they are making you feel & left it for them to read

These are things you could try & if they just wont listen & I could , I would live there

I have a feeling they would realise they missed you more than you would miss them





Spot on whywhy,

I've been thinking about this over dinner,

Psychgrad, hope your feeling better now.

wishing you well




Oh dear I'm sorry you're having such a rough evening :( I hope the rant on here has helped a little, I feel a lot better once I've put everything on my mind into writing and clicked 'Publish'!

What you're doing for your sister sounds incredibly generous and I'm sorry that your effort isn't being appreciated more. It's very patient of you to cook for her and her friends and to help tutor her and not feel any appreciation in return.

You certainly don't sound 'silly', you sound like you've got everything together but understandably you're about ready to snap! If it were me I'd discuss the problems I've been having with my sister with my parents, so they actually hear from you how much you do for her and can reflect on how you're treated in return, but that totally depends on how close you are to them.

I hope your evening improves, and please, rant more if it will help :)

Katy xx


Grrrrr how have the patience of a saint by the sounds of it.....

I know you have been annoyed at similar circumstances before with your sister.....

Your family don't realise how much they would miss you if you moved any friends/or other family you could go stay with for a while, perhaps they would realise then.......

Hope it all improves...put your head set on and play yourself some nice music you enjoy.....blogging on here helps to calm down after the frustrations and annoyances.....

Sue xxx


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