Long time away

Hi guys its been a long time since on here as been just trying to survive and get through each day. Last night I hit breaking point and started taking an overdose but thank god for my boyfriend who stopped me and held me all night. I feel better in the way I feel a sense of release from the pressure of trying be the happy one in my house and strong when all I wanted to do was scream. I don't feel I want to end it now but panic attacks and depression very high.my daughter has turned against me and her father has been verbally abusive to me for three weeks so I am back to the solicitors to regain my strength and safety in my own home.

I want o say a big hello to all and sorry for not being there for Anyone I want to also say I have thought about you all very much and praying you are all doing well. Xxx

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you felt so desperate last night , thank goodness for your BF

    Pleased to hear you don't feel that way anymore

    Good for you , I am pleased you are not letting your ex walk all over you , hope it goes well at the solicitors

    Don't be sorry you havnt been on , it just sometimes is that way , people need a break from time to time

    Site is always here , people to understand & care :-)

    Welcome back




  • Thank you xx hope you are doing well

  • Hi there

    Im really sorry to hear youre struggling that much............... its horrible to feel that desperate, but you are lucky to have your boyfriend............

    I know the heartache you will be feeling that your daughter has turned against you as my son has me, its very hard everyday and I empathise................ but we have to remain strong for the day that they come back!!

    Sending you lots of strength and hope

    Ker xx

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