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Well laying in bed just tired of struggling with life. Major failure yesterday was at hospital with husband he is having health issue I was so anxious an so sick I could have ran I feel I let myself down an my Heavenly Father down for not having faith I felt so hot an sick at stomach an with health anxiety I was a mess an today but kept most of it in I'm tired of it all counselor a don't seem to help ESP with phobia if meds an doctors I'm tired of trying I'm sorry everyone for posting this but I don't know what to do anymore wish I could run away somewhere safe that they could help me without pushing meds on you. I'm just tired xxx

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You dont have to take them if you dont want to, you are an adult.

Good luck my son is just about to get home but I can chat again





I think anyone would be anxious if their partner was not well and at hospital.

Your heavenly father, I'm sure would allow you to be concerned too.

If that is a christian idea, surely Jesus was all about loving, caring, not judging, and as a christian you should not judge yourself unkindly either, but care for yourself first with loving kindness in your heart, and then you can give to others once your full.

I've found loving kindness, a good way to disolve anxious feelings.

How can anxiety come in when we are full of loving kindness in our hearts.

I hope you feel better soon




Thank you xxx



First of all your not a failure and anyone faced with their parnter being unwell would cause anxiety. The fact that you were there is something you should be giving yourself credit for. I know it was uncomfortable for you but you managed even though you will feeling sick and this is panic and wporry. Have felt that way myself when someone is in hospital or unwell mind runs wild.

I don't know how long or what medication you are taking but if they are not helping go back to the Doctor's again to discuss. I know you are tired of everything and feel like running away but sometimes we have to face our problem head on. Its like a circle and we need to break out of that to be in control.

I pray to God you find some peace and rest. God Bless

Take care


Love Seyi xxx


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