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Anxiety effecting ability to work

Hi, I'm new here. Right now off sick, with cold. Due back to work and I don't want to go. As in, im terrified. I spent last night sobbing. I'm so scared and worried right now. Basically I've had a lot of time off sick, and last time they said if I was sick in the next 12months I'd be fired. It's all I can think about. I'd really like to work for myself, at home. I work hard at work, but they consistently do things like this, making me work when im really ill, and when I can't physically work they threaten to fire me. Any help or advice appreciated x

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Have a chat you your doctor about how your feeling, and the stress you feel and see what they say.

Wishing you well




I went through something like boss was very understanding and aloud me to go part time. I work better and have less pressure. I still have bad days but no where near as many as I did . I went to the docs about it and spoke to my boss. I hope things get sorted for you x


I took have been of sick with depression and panic attacks, the doctor gave me a sick note, they cant sack you with a sick note xx


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