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Sporadic art?


This appeared on my canvas. I call him Bruce . I don't even know anyone named Bruce.

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Okay can you clarify what you mean by it showed up on your canvas and you chose the name Bruce? Specifically,. We're you painted it dried Into something totally opposite from what you had drawn or painted?

KCindy in reply to Luna_Child

Sporadic for me means not having any ideas on what to paint before beginning. Just lay in some colors , stand back and stare at it. Eventually you "see" something in there to build on. In this case a beard. I built from that. I have no idea why I chose Bruce. I thought he has kind eyes. It's abstract as you see which is not my usual method. But hey it's something.

Luna_Child in reply to KCindy

Sporadic Art means putting color on in any way and this is what you got.

How long havd you lived where you're at now? How old is the house?.

KCindy in reply to Luna_Child

Luna this apt. building is about 40 years old. Lots of folks died here and some were not found for days. I used to smell cherry pipe tobacco. Smoking hasn't been allowed here for oh 20 years I would guess. Looking for ghost?? Hey what better company?

Well, I think Bruce is very nice something to have just appeared on your canvas.

Thank you. I'm just trying to kick start my creativity again.

I actually burst out laughing when I first saw how you worded this. I've had a morning full of jokes, then I saw yoir first sentence. I apologize.

You have a good talent there!🙂

Hi Bruce!

I don't know anyone named Bruce either but I like the name. It suits him.

Your painting reminds me of a movie I watched recently about Robert the Bruce, Scottish king fighting for freedom.

KCindy in reply to Phil-4-13

Oh my I will have to look that up. I am partially of Scottish decent. Perhaps it is an ancestor trying to find me 😲

Phil-4-13 in reply to KCindy


Oh my. You are very talented

I didn't realize that the photo of my painting would be so large. I'm still learning how to use my new kindle. I apologize.

Only one apology per thread please and I claimed this one. No sweat.😊

I see a wolf 🐺

KCindy it’s beautiful! Love the colors! I see an animal!

KCindy in reply to Operalady

You made me look. I see a unicorn whose tail runs down his nose. 😄😄

You are talented!

KCindy, I like a man with a dark beard :) xx

KCindy in reply to Agora1

Me too😊

Agora1 in reply to KCindy

Hee Hee :) xx

Hi KCCindy hows the painting? How are you?

Hi Operalady . I have been sketching some. Nothing much has appeared. Been down lately. How are you doing?

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