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ECT and therapy


To anyone considering ECT. Only as a last resort. There are new treatments out there, and I would suggest brain stimulating machine first. Sunnybrook Mental Health unit is using concentrated ultra sound. They have it down to the size of a quarter, to hit the part of the brain they want to. I lost a lot of memories from Ect and struggle today as well with short term memory. IQ dropped by more than 20 points and I am not as sharp as I was. Brain stimulating machine uses small current directed at certain parts of the brain. Research on line. I have struggled with this condition for over 40 years and many treatments and still have not found the one that works. Good luck to all, and try to stay positive.

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Thank you so much for your post. I had many treatments of ECT about 5 years ago and I’m not the same person anymore (in a negative sense) due to my long term and short term memory loss and current memory problems till this day. I tend to tell myself negative things and I always think I’m stupid because I know my IQ dropped significantly. I cannot even hold a job anymore. I don’t know what to do. It makes my depression and low self esteem even more severe.

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