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I need work through some pain and anxiety right now

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yeah whats up fire away.

Just feel such pain with a broken heart not sure I’m even comfortable to write here about it

What broke your heart?

Person I love

Oh I can relate. How recent was it?

Well it’s been goin on a long while on and off- if that makes sense- feeling loved then hurt and stabbed in heart again- I know my depression worsens it but???

Yeah, I still mourn sometimes. It's almost like the grief of a death. It comes back from time to time when something makes me remember, almost like the memory of someone passed away, because in essence you are experiencing the loss of a person.

I’m goin to try and eat something for now I haven’t eaten for awhile and can’t think straight

You should definitely eat and remember self-care.

Thank u

Oh and maybe I misunderstood, are you still in a relationship with this person who broke/is breaking your heart?

Yes but they really keep hurting me

I try talk or look for help and keep being told I need to be stronger but I’m not and makes me feel worse and more pain

That doesn't sound good. Do you want to speak about it privately?

No it’s ok- I can talk here

Are you able to talk about why you still want to be in a relationship with this person?

Not sure

I hav anxiety and hard to explain but I appreciate your reply

Sure. And if you want to make it private at any point, just let me know.

Codependency can make relationships toxic. Is that what you're experiencing right now?

I don’t know??

Are you able to put distance between yourself and the source of your pain, or does that feel emotionally difficult?

Not sure what that means -sorry I just feel overwhelmed

I understand. Did something just happen?

It’s soo hard to explain cause it’s a lot a long drawn out thing I think!?

Are you able to tell me some specific instances of what your partner has done to hurt you?

Can I tell you something in more private convo?


Well not really sure how to do that tho???

Oh, you can chat me. There is an option to send messages if you go to my profile.

What’s going on? How can I help? Sometimes just getting out of your head helps....or even journaling to let your brain be at ease....

I’m sorry your feeling this way. I was married 24 years. Divorced 3 and still feels like I am

Mourning. I have walls so high I don’t let many in. Sad for me. I am

Sure I’m losing out on a lot. I know that. But still can’t fix my heart or head. Here if you need to chat.

Hello! I'm sorry to hear that. Hope I have a chance to mend your loving heart. Life is beutiful as always.

Ohh my, this is so me, but I was married almost 30 years & it’s been since last August when my divorce was final. I’m so broken & lost..I feel for you..Destiny8277😢

I’m sorry. It is hard after spending so long with someone how to move on. When our daughter died. He changed for the worst. Remarried 2 months after our divorce. I feel like I’m just broken and lost as you do. Why did this happen. We were happy. But as I said, our daughter passed. He started doing things he never did. I think wow! This is not where I thought I would be in life. It has to get better right? That is my hope.

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Until you can replace your feelings of love or attachment with the things this person did to you, or behaved toward you with something or someone who can support you and appreciate you as a person these feelings will continue. I know, I lived it. My husband was unfaithful and chose to leave me and our girls for this person. That is a very low blow, but you can overcome. This has been years for me and I followed the things I told you above. It worked miracles. I replaced these negative things with good things. People and work. A doctor might help you if you continue to feel down, with a temporary medication (which is not addictive). I resorted to this, and it can work. Please let us know.

What’s up , talk to me x

Thank you I never got to reply back to you a few others I spoke with someone and time got away anyway thank you for your care and reply!!

If you feel like crying let it be until you release the pain. Normal people do cry. We're not superwoman. Keep safe.

Thank u I’m just in such pain I feel soo stupid and weak and I dont want to care anymoe

Hugs for you. It's okay to make mistake coz we're not perfect. Nobody is. Anyone of us can be forgiven. Just stay strong. Life is so beautiful.

That’s the thing I’m not strong I’m a. Very sensitive!!! emotional, beautiful and Romantic woman I say that because it’s not bad I know deep inside I have worth I need to love myself more but I don’t know why I have to be in love with someone who doesn’t know how to love me the way I need????

I understand how you felt coz I've been there 20 years ago, let me share to you, so I was 16yrs old that time. I felt inlove to someone who never felt the same and he had my cousin. What I did is I only think to heal my heart very soon and believed that some better is waiting for me. After 5 years without expecting anymore I met my husband😊 I want you to believe that there's a rainbow always after the rain, lights after the darkness. Where there is life,there is HOPE.

Thank you that’s very nice things were better for you!! I’m not that young tho and honestly I’m many ways I feel like a child in other ways I feel about 24 or so and yet still other ways I feel like 100 yrs old !!! But I’m none of these ages!! I just have been stuck and confused so long!!!!

I am super attached to a person I love who I rely a lot on and I don’t even know if he truly truly loves me ?? I’ve had no reason to believe he would cheat ever he’s very godly man and tries. Rey hard to be truthful and good morals but in other areas it’s super hard he’s closed off emotionally angry and hard as nails???

I'm sorry to hear that. I understan how you felt. I know it's hard. I know it's not easy to undergo this kind of trouble. I know how you felt. I aso been from different kind of challenges even now. Life is no perfect after all. Everyone has their different struggle in life. I hope you will be heal soon. I hope you could get back your smile soonest. Keep safe!

I really don’t think I made s mistake just the 1 as I said mistakenly trying to love someone who maybe doesn’t know how to love or treat me right???

You deserve the best. Anyone of us deserves the best. If someone out there will not able to treat us right, we have a right to stay away from that sittuation. Cry hard if you need to then after that stand tall and heads up high, be proud. Love yourself above anyone else.

Maybe I don’t know what the best is ??? Does it even exist???

How can I really discover if what I’m asking for is too much for me to receive????

Yes it exist. Maybe not now yet but believe me eventually without you noticing it, it will come to you in perfect time. Just have patience and faith in your heart. For now enhale and exhale deeply and try to forget all the things that weighing you down. Don't let if drown you. Despite the trials there's still a lot of things that is need to be thankful for. Life is so beautiful.

Sorry I’m just not following what the point of your message was in the private chat???

That is what it appears. No one can change the other person, but the other person, no one can change you, except you! Remember that....

If you need someone to talk, just message me. I can lend you my open ears and an understanding heart.

I’ve just needed or need to make peace with something’s and I can’t I’ve been in this confusing relationship for soo long with someone I love everyone says that they know that they love me soo much and they say it and at many times have been soo loving ,kind ,caring ,helpful and then suddenly can turn very angry and defensive and seem to not care a thing about me???? We talked these things through before and they know I get anxiety and depressed and I get other health issues that are difficult

I have been in shoes like you. I know that when we love and trust our partners. They can hurt us emotionally as well. My recent divorce after 17 years has been tough. I believe that once he betrayed me my marriage was over anyway. I moved on and time has healed the pain. If someone can not give you the emotional support in a relationship. That relationship is not healthy. Marriages and relationships end all the time. People change and we can not fix it. So moving on without that man who could not even care for me in my time of needs. He laughed at me and watched me almost die with Anorexia. I should have not been so blind. I should have left him long before I did.

Wow I’m soo sorry sounds like a strange mean person who would do that!!!! I’m so glad you were able to move on thank you for sharing!!

Thank you. Yes, my mental doctor said that he is evil and I now see that. LOVE IS BLIND. My Anorexia kept me so mentally ill. I could not think. I have recovered recently and seen who the man that I loved was. Not good for me. So I left. Best move ever.

Just stay strong and keep the faith.

The brother of the farmer I worked with on the farm I volunteered for used to say that. He'd make a peace sign and say "keep the faith" when he'd say goodbye.

So how is he now?

I would much rather be alone than being in a bad relationship.

I guess by you saying that, your not going through counseling? For me I try and distract myself with music or sewing crafts. Some deep breathing, comedy TV?

Whats going on? Im available to talk

Thank you! I’m doing a littl bit better for today. and really trying to heal!

I can relate. I lost my life partner last year in March and I feel so lost and so lonely without him. I got sick in January and couldn't go to work. So today I got a new job and am extremely anxious. Just want to curl up and die

Oh I’m soo sorry just now seeing this

I hope you’re doin a bit better??

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