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Agoraphobia on/off for 21 years

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I've been spiralling in and out of agoraphobia, panic attacks and anxiety for close to 21 years after one awful day of smoking cannabis the first time. I assume I must've had other trauma which culminated in this panic episode leading to a total emotional change.

I've since done emdr, cbt, talk therapy etc but cant seem to shake it off.

Has anyone else experienced this and how did you get out?

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I have agrophobia it's a nightmare. I'm not out of it. My 18 year old grandaughter is showing signs of it as well

I have agoraphobia and probably social anxiety, I've also tried meds, counselling, saw a psychiatrist who said to stop taking meds because I'd tried a lot of different ones but none helped, he referred me for CBT, and then I referred myself, I even tried this group thing, I was the only one that turned up lol, they still went ahead with it.

I had bad therapists for CBT.

My son has anxiety as well :/

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