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Health anxiety


I have really bad health anxiety and i panic so much with the most smallest things , I’m recently getting over a ear Infection and I’m scared to get another one i feel fine pain has gone away and everything i just convince myself I’m gonna get it again or that im gonna loose my hearing cause now my other ear is clogged when it was fine :( and i still hear kind of faded please help me calm down 💔

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Take each day as it comes and always look at the positive side of things, there’s so Mutch neg. vives that it makes it hard right. Remember things happen that you control bein possitive is a choice it’s a good you got better stay possitive and focus on the good things in life

Good luck 😀

As a sufferer from ENT problems when you have an ear infection it makes you feel so ill

and under the weather, - the pain causes anxiety. Sometimes the inner ear may be affected with problems of congestion pain, may be dizziness. Doctors may prescribe nasal drops which go into the oro pharynx on each side of the ear - this stops pain and inflammation. Other times an other medication might be required. You are lucky you have had a prompt response with treatment. Tips may be to keep your ears warm, out of chilly air, and to help sinus and colds to have a room that is at least 65 degrees F. I wear mufflers to cover my nose, in cold weather as it can affect my breathing. Know there are hundreds of people out there who feel the same anxiety when they become ill which worsens with this problem. Hope you keep well.

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