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Antidepressant Trouble


I started taking Wellbutrin about a month ago for depression, anxiety and smoking cessation. I’ve been able to quit smoking but can’t deal with feeling so tired all the time. My doctor suggested taking it at night to see if it helps with being tired during the day. So far, I haven’t been able to sleep more than 5 hours of interrupted sleep each night! I am just so tired!!! I don’t want to quit taking it because I am worried I will start craving cigarettes. Stress also triggers me to want to smoke and I’m having some major things going on in my personal life at the moment. AND I think it is actually helping me to feel a little happier or lighter on a daily basis. Has anyone else had trouble adjusting to Wellbutrin? Did it work out? How long did it take?

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My hubby has been onit for 7 years & is doing well on it. Maybe you need to talk with your Dr. about switching to something different. I take celexa & haven't had any side effects from it but everyone is different! I wish for you a good night of rest, love , peace & happiness!!!

wellbutrin is great for helping to quit smoking I've heard....but I have trouble sleeping on it so I had to change my SSRI.

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