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Omeprazole & Citalopram

Hi all. I've been taking both of the above for about 3 weeks now. The doc said I should start feeling some kinda benefit around now however he said it can take upto 3months before feeling drastically better this true? I can't imagine being on medication that long but I don't know how I'd survive without it:/ esp around Xmas etc n seeing family. One of the tablets makes me fart really bad and its literally likr fermented egg. Kinda embarrising at times. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes it's around the 21 day mark I'm afraid and yes it's a bleeping nightmare!!. Once they do kick in I hope you will see the benefits. Omeprazole can make you drowsy so please be careful with those. As for the eggy farts? Ummm....i can't possibly comment(I usually blame the woofer lol) seriously not sure. Maybe just check that out. Verrry probable it's a pesky side effect.

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