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Haven’t logged on here in a while, hope everyone is pulling through and hope everyone is doing well. I am still currently working and I’m happy to say December 6th was my first month at my job I’m happy and feel like I have accomplished something. I am still going to school at night every week from Monday-Thursday’s from 5:30-8:30 my schedule is full I’m tired, exhausted but pushing through bc I want to graduate in March/April of next year! The finish line is soooo close just gotta keep chugging along. I haven’t had any setbacks as of now, still lonely feelings at times but pushing through......Tomorrow is my birthday so let’s see what the weekend brings!! Everyone stay safe, keep pushing along whatever it may be that you’re working toward or trying to achieve!! Good luck and well wishes to everyone!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤔

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Raiinbow08, You can be very proud of yourself for all the effort you are putting into going forward.

One month on your new job plus going to school at night. As hard as it is, you are still motivated in going forward and achieving your goals in life.

My advice is to celebrate your special day, you so deserve it.

Happy Birthday Raiinbow08! Enjoy xx

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