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Dealing with Health Anxiety

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting. I'm really good at irrational thoughts and spiraling into an anxiety cycle that's impossible to escape. Had a good week last week until I stepped on a carpet nail. I've done this before and really need to fix it but this time I went outside and walked around with my family and gardened and then all of a sudden tetanus came into my mind. The last 48 hours have been nothing but searching the Internet for possible symptoms, diagnosis, and the ultimate death sentence. Then the debate over vaccinating with a booster or not. I would self diagnose myself with OCD of heath anxiety. If it's on the Internet I have it. My dad died of one of the rarest forms of brain cancer and since then I can't escape the thought of the most irrational thing taking hold. sound familiar to anyone? Any great resources or tools to break the cycle?

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I have health anxiety but mine is mild . I just keep telling myself it's all in my head


I feel ya. I just made a post about it and it can really spiral. The one thing I don't do anymore is search the web because I think as much as we want answers with what's happening or may happen to us the internet can make it worse. I just try and relax and breathe and listen to meditation app. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and then I have to take my meds to help calm me down. I don't like taking them but I also don't like feeling this way.


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