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I make mountains out of molehills

For as long as I can remember, I've been a high stress and anxious person.

-I worry that I won't make movies on time and tend to take it out on the people Im with or my heart starts pounding

-I'm constantly worried about finances, despite working 3 jobs. I think my lack of time at home and stress over my busy schedule is taking a toll on my relationship.

Any wise words?

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As for movies, I think that's a normal thing in polite society so you can watch previews and get good seats, but of course I hate being late to anything. As for work - dang you're doing a great job to have three jobs; I'm sure you are hardworking and that stress adds to worries about relationships. Can you try to get a day off from all three once a month to spend time with your significant other? I think you sound like an amazing person and I'm sorry you are going through this. You aren't alone.


Thank you! I do try and take off for big events or vacations but it's difficult managing it all day to day and week by week.

I'm trying to avoid the stress of finances by overworking myself and I'm not sure which is worse

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Do you think you could get by on just two jobs? That might give you some time off - are you behind on bills? You do need to take care of you (something I'm still figuring out) - maybe just one off so you have an evening open to dinner and family time. My family always made Wednesday night for food and fun - sometimes just crashing on the floor for pizza and a movie


Not trying to get you to quit one / just asking 😊


I appreciate your suggestions! We can definitely get by with just two but having this 3rd helps us feel more comfortable financially. I guess I just need better ways to cope

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