Feeling stressed

I've recently come to terms with the fact that I have an eating disorder. I've been hiding it for about 8 years. I've been to my GP and had blood tests that all came back fine apart from a few vitamin deficiencies, I've spoken to my family about my problem. My GP prescribed me antidepressants which I've been taking for 3 weeks. I saw him again today and he wants me to take them indefinitely. I know this is so much more than a minor depression and I do not want to mask my problem with pills. I have no idea where to turn now. I've done everything right and I feel like I've been completely fobbed off. Any advice will help me right now. I feel awfu!

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  • I'm stuck in the same boat, currently on the middle of rapid excersise on the floor after a binge and purge! I'm so useless, I can't offer much advice as I'm so screwed myself but just to let you know you're not alone 🖤 I'm here if you need to talk 🖤

  • Thank you. I really appreciate it ❤️

  • I was put on antidepressants too but stupidly I'm scared to take them now because it's make my appetite so crazy lol but it's so brave of you to go to your gp well done you!!

  • I just feel very deflated tonight. I have been really positive about it all but now I feel like I've been left to deal with it myself.

  • Nope you took the first huge step and I'm here to lift you up ^^

  • Tomorrow is a new day xx

  • Hi Claire

    You have taken brave first steps. Talking to someone about your eating. Well done.

    But I think that you should go back to your GP and ask for councelling. It's not just about taking tablets, you need someone to talk to about the underlying causes. It was so helpful to me to have a therapist to discuss things with. I refused the antidepressants because they are too addictive for my liking.

    Good luck. You are not alone.

  • Hi ladies...once I realised I had an ED I had to find out the root cause !!!

    ED is but a symptom of my illness !

    I ED as a coping mechanism, just like I used other substances too....

    I had intense councilling and support groups and I also used OA...fantastic fellowship for recovery 💖. ..Main thing was I had to Want to Change ! X

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