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Trainers/Sneakers with an AFO

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Hi All

Hope everyone is well.

Owing to my AMN, I have to walk with an AFO on my left leg/foot.

I am in the market for a new pair of trainers/sneakers. Being a fashion conscience type, I normally go for Nike Air to give that additional support. My worry is that I may now need one shoe bigger or wider than the other to accommodate the AFO without damaging the shoe itself.

Would welcome any recommendations, please.

Kind Regards


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Hi NickHave you considered FES for walking?

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The_Olas76 in reply to Cherie

Hi Cherie

Haven't read too much about those, will check them out.

Appreciate your reply.

Kind Regards


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Cherie in reply to The_Olas76

I have used a double FES for the past 12 years. My ability to walk has decreased but they still help.

Thank you so much, will check them!


take the AFO with you to the shoe store. I need wider and a shoe size bigger.

I then changed from an AFO to Bioness FES. Lifechanger before I went to a wheelchair. It is just hard to work with the insurance companies to get approved, sometimes.

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