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Beta Blockers for spasticity, clonus, tremors, stress.


Hello everyone. I am currently on an up swing these days.

Been taking a lot of 4-AP-3-MeOH. Walked seven kilometres yesterday. Beat that. I was gobbling those expensive capsules like they were M&M's. Worth every penny.

Anyway, I asked for, and was prescribed some Beta Blockers.

This ties in with Equinney's post about anxiousness.

Anyway, you can read my ongoing AMN-related exploits over at

I am in the process of fixing the site up with more info on our delightful little disease. Come on over and take a look.

Take care, folks. I'll be back soon.

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Well done for the 7k!!! (And for the forum - I’m now registered ☺️)

in reply to monmon

Cheers monmon

It's only laziness that prevents me updating the site. But, I gots me some big plans.

I only wish this disease hasn't given me chronic fatigue. I only knew I'd done 7K when my phone told me so when I got home.

Brilliant! Tried to say I will read with interest but the other site wouldn’t let me comment😟

in reply to Hillary

Yes, poxy site. I fixed the access permissions, everyone can post now. I have no work today, I'll see about posting up my library of AMN related stuff up there today. That's if I don't start watching YouTube instead.

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